energy saving ways of crane

- Jan 12, 2005 -

optimization of energy-saving ways

1, Consider reducing the quality of the crane itself, and reduce the quality of the crane itself measures can be considered to reduce the quality of the lifting mechanism. This will not only reduce the consumption of their own data, but also reduce the load on the plant.

Specific measures are as follows: the use of high-quality motors, reducer; the same capacity of the motor mass than in Germany about one third or so, reducer material, processing, etc. There are still serious lack of need from all aspects Split break, it solved the fundamental problem. Improve the roll form; consider the use of large-diameter drum, through the above analysis. Increase capacity cord, reducing the size and quality of lifting trolley. But need to use spiral bevel gear drive to increase the reduction ratio, manufacturing a lot more difficult.

2, to improve the control system. Speed system to frequency control system; frequency control system not only high efficiency, but energy-saving effect is better. Improve the car crane drive; car crane, respectively, off the engine drive can save about 60%.

3, the use of new theories, new technologies, new materials, new technology, new ways. You can consider the use of new materials; such as high-strength nylon instead of cast iron or steel, not only to extend the life expectancy, but also reduce noise and so on. Try to use H-beam instead of sheet metal, the same can save the consumption of structural data, but also be able to get a certain increase in flexural capacity. The use of new technology; for example, to improve the coating process, can be good to catch high paint preservative quality. Adopt a new approach; the use of advanced design theory, so that structural optimization, reduce structural self-respect.

4, Enhance the daily maintenance, thereby extending the service life of cranes.


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