Four installation forms of crane capacity weight limiter

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Four installation forms of crane weight limiter

There are four types of installation of weight limiter: hook type, wire rope type, bearing type and fixed slip wheel.

1, hook type installation form. The product structure of the hook type installation form, there are three kinds of direct display type, FM launch type and separation type. The direct display type is used for the nickel cadmium battery as the power supply, and the hook, the sensor and the large screen display are made into one and mounted on the crane hook. The FM transmitter of bridge crane also uses the total power of Ni Cd battery, but it doesn't display part. Instead, the sensor signal is sent back to the cab after FM, and the signal is restored to the control and display by the two time meter. The two forms of sensor and the two instrument are not connected by cable, but the price is higher. The sensor signal is passed through the cable to the two instrument, and then controlled and displayed after processing.

2. Tension type of wire rope. The special fixture is used to install the sensor on the hoisting wire rope, and the tension of the wire rope is detected to reflect the load. This method is easy to install and has high detection accuracy.

3, bearing seat type. The sensor of the bearing seat type installation adopts double shear beam or cylindrical shape, and a special accessory is used to form a bearing seat, which is installed on the side of the steel rope drum and the reducer. This type of device is convenient, easy to repair and high precision.

4. Fixing slide wheel. There are two specific installation forms for the fixed slide wheel. One is to set up a set of bracket support, lift the fixed pulley shaft slightly, and the sensor mounted on the bracket will bear the load. The other is to control the fixed pulley shaft and press the sensor into one end of the shaft. When installing, use this shaft to replace the original pulley shaft.


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