​Frequency conversion crane

- May 22, 2018 -

Frequency conversion crane

Based on the traditional crane foundation, the variable frequency crane improves its speed governing performance by improving the motor performance of the crane.

The AC variable frequency speed regulation technology is applied to the squirrel cage asynchronous motor, which makes the motor work up to get higher speed performance, and has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work and convenient maintenance.It can greatly improve its speed governing performance with This Motor.

Compared with traditional cranes, variable frequency cranes have the following characteristics:

1. variable frequency cranes can start control flexibly, realize stable start from 0HZ to 50HZ, set up acceleration deceleration time, and control the speed of operation more accurately.

2. through the use of deceleration stop, accelerating the start of the way, to achieve a smooth start, stop action, greatly reduce the crane brake, reducer, wire rope and other force components of the impact, prolong the service life of the machine.

3. the frequency converter cranes will not surge when starting, reduce the impact on the power grid current, reduce the waste of power supply, and realize energy saving.

4. equipped with vector transducer on the main hook to make the hoisting mechanism of the crane run smoothly.

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