Grab Cranes

- May 21, 2018 -

Grab crane is mainly used in wharves, ports, mines and other places. Grab crane does not need auxiliary personnel, the whole operation process is entirely driven by the driver. Therefore, the grab crane not only reduces the labor of the workers, but also saves the auxiliary working time, and greatly improves the loading and unloading efficiency.

According to the classification of the crane, the grab crane can be divided into the bridge type grab crane, the door type grab crane and the folding arm grab crane. According to the type of grab bucket, the crane can be divided into the shell type grab crane and the multi valve grab crane, and the hydraulic grab crane can be divided into the type of the hydraulic grab crane and the crane. Mechanical grab crane. What we usually distinguish mainly are gantry grab cranes, bridge grab cranes and folding arm grab cranes.

The driver must be quick, stable, accurate, safe and reasonable in the operation of the grab crane. The driver must have the main parameters, uses, equipment and operation methods of the grab crane. Before the grab crane starts, the driver must send out the warning signal; the driver should be tight with the hook worker. Tight coordination prevents accidents; in the process of using the controller, it should be activated step by step.

Before the operation of the grab crane, the crowd around the operation should be dispersed to remove the obstacles; the grab crane is strictly forbidden to place inflammable and explosive articles; it is forbidden to cross the head in the grab when the grab is grabbed. In the course of operation, if the phenomenon of mechanical anomaly is found, the operation must be stopped and checked immediately. When the grab is running, the hoisting rope should be kept equal to the speed of the opening and closing rope, so as to make the wire rope uniformly stressed and ensure the safety of the operation.

After the end of the operation, the driver should put the grab on the ground and not hang up the air; close the total power switch, check and lubricate the components; the problems found and the handling of the problems should be recorded in the handover Handbook and can be left after the handover of the handover driver.


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