Hook classification

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Hook is one of the necessary parts for lifting machinery. According to the shape, hook can be divided into single hook and double hook; it can be divided into forged hook and sheet hook according to manufacturing method.

Single hook is commonly used for lifting light objects; while double hook is for lifting heavy objects. Common forging single hook is mainly used for cranes under 30 tons, double hook for lifting capacity between 50 tons and 100 tons of crane; sheet single hook for lifting 75 tons to 350 tons, double hook for lifting capacity more than 100 tons of cranes.

Hook cross-section shape can be divided into round, square, trapezoid and glyph. 

Thread tail of forged hook adopts common triangle, the stress concentration is serious, easy to break at the crack. Therefore, large hook thread always adopts trapezodal or zigzag.


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