How to estimate the performance of the frequency converter

- Apr 05, 2009 -

How to accurately estimate the performance of the frequency converter

Frequency converter is a kind of lifting accessories, which has a very important role.

How do we judge the performance of a frequency converter?

1, it depends on how much the energy loss (that is, efficiency).

2, it is necessary to see the harmonic pollution of the power grid and the input power factor.

3. Look at the influence of the harmonic on the motor by the output of the AC voltage.

The development trend of frequency converter is driven by communication, network and intelligence. As an important power conversion component of the system, the inverter provides a controllable high performance variable frequency AC power supply and has been developed rapidly.

The frequency converter has the basic functions such as voltage regulation, frequency modulation, voltage regulation, speed regulation and so on. Alternating current - DC - AC is the trend of frequency converter.

1, the control method of PWM VVVF can be controlled by sine wave pulse width modulation (SPWM), elimination of PWM control with specified number of harmonics, current tracking control, voltage space vector control (flux tracking control).

2. The power switch components of the main circuit are switched off, modularized and intelligentized, and the switching frequency is constantly improved, and the switching loss is further reduced.

The development direction of inverter is generally more and more intelligent. The frequency converter is used to save electricity. The inverter motor is installed. It can save electricity 15%-65% according to the working condition. If the power consumption of the enterprise is very large, the remaining electricity will be very amazing.


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