How to avoid danger of overhead crane

- Jan 20, 2018 -

Many traffic accidents are man-made, so to reduce the incidence of accidents, we must start from the root causes, that is, the management of people, thorough investigation of drunk driving, overloading and driver's licnese. Overhead crane accidents are also largely caused man-made, so strict operation of the operator needed to be stressed. Therefore what is the daily work of a qualified overhead crane operator?

1, Special equipment management. Crane operation, running and maintenance should be inspected dayliy by mechanical and electrical technicians.

2. In order to strengthen the management of overhead crane, check seriously, stictly and carefully before operation, do timely reporting if there is problem.

3, For overhead crane, if there is open welding, mechanical,or electrical problems for the cab/operating room, which doesn't meet the operating conditions, immediately reported squad leader, crane repair department, stop operating and after the problem is solved, restart work.

4, Strengthen training of operators, increase the education of all employees, professionals should focus on the problems that may occure.

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