How to choose outdoor work gantry crane?

- Dec 12, 2004 -

How to choose outdoor work gantry crane?

Goliath Crane is a large hoisting equipment, which is popular and to be used in outdoors, but when working outdoors, the impact of the weather will be larger. For example, in windy weather operations, will cause some difficulty.

Mainly because of the hoisting and lowering mechanism of the crane encountering a certain degree of wind resistance due to the cross-section of the cargo itself and the huge external structure of the equipment during the process of lifting the cargo. How to deal with this situation? What kind of gantry crane should we choose to deal with the wind's resistance?

Gantry crane is a variant of a bridge crane, also known as gantry crane, gantry crane is another variant of it. Mainly used for outdoor freight yard, expected field goods, bulk cargo handling operations. Its metal structure resembles a door-shaped frame, with two legs mounted under the main girder, which can be directly tracked on the ground. The two ends of the main girder can have outrigger cantilevers. Gantry crane has the advantages of high site utilization rate, wide operating range, wide adaptability and versatility. It is widely used in the port yard.

In fact, gantry crane is to rely on the motor to work, so the main consideration of the static power of the motor can choose a suitable gantry crane. Then how is this kind of static power coming out? Let's take a look together.

The static power of the gantry crane motor is mainly affected by the operation speed of the crane, the efficiency of the complete machine and the resistance to the operation of the gantry crane. The operational resistance includes wind resistance, transportation resistance, friction resistance and so on, especially when outdoors, wind resistance calculation is particularly important. Therefore, when we select the gantry motor, it is generally a combination of these factors to consider.

In fact, we consider these factors are for gantry crane can be normal and safe lifting operations, but also make use of the efficiency of the work.


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