How to choose the crane capacity

- Aug 22, 2013 -

How to choose the capacity of the crane 

When buying a crane in a business, the first problem usually considered is the capacity problem of the crane. The correct choice of the tonnage of the crane can ensure that the crane can carry out the operation well and effectively ensure the operation effect, which is good for improving the operation efficiency and creating a good enterprise The economic benefits, saving the cost of running a business has a very important impact. So, how to choose the capacity? 

First, the maximum lifting capacity of the crane

When choosing the tonnage of a crane, you should first have a clear understanding of the maximum lifting capacity of the crane. The crane's boom length, working radius and lifting weight will be closely linked. Therefore, when choosing the tonnage of a crane, The maximum weight is the most important reference factor.

Second, pay attention to capacity level

When using a crane everyday, about 90% of the crane's maximum rated capacity is the crane's optimal lifting capacity. In order to prolong the service life of the crane and achieve good working results, when selecting the crane tonnage, You can choose a crane tonnage higher than the actual tonnage.

Third, choose according to the lifting goods

In selecting the tonnage of cranes, we should also give full consideration to the types and characteristics of goods to be lifted during operation and the space size of workplaces, and select the tonnage according to such reference factors in order to ensure the effective operation and ensure that the cranes are working The effect and work efficiency.

Through the above selection of cable car tonnage understanding of the relevant considerations, we will certainly give an extremely effective reference.


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