How to choose the suitable electric hoist

- Jan 22, 2014 -

How to choose a suitable electric hoist device?

Today, in this high-tech era, our life and working environment are full of many high-tech products. However, electric hoist is now used in all areas of a device, which mainly help businesses, users to achieve the purpose of lifting and handling.

How to choose a suitable for their electric hoist device? This problem has become the problem many businesses are facing. To know that different areas and industry users, have their own actual needs in the purchase, it should be based on their actual use of the relevant lifting items to pick. Here we come to listen to the basic advice of professionals.

First, to enhance the height of the electric hoist can be said that the purchase of an important point, to know that it is itself a lifting device, so the time of purchase, hoist hoisting height is a very critical parameter. Several of the most common specifications on the market now include 30 meters, 24 meters and 18 meters and 12 meters. There are also some hoist hoists of lower heights, such as 6 meters and 9 meters.

Second, the speed of increase is also a more noteworthy parameter when it comes to purchasing. Simply speaking, there are now two types of hoist lifting speeds on the market. One is single speed and the other is two speed. Different areas have different needs for speed, and then we can choose according to their own special needs, the general conditions of the use of single-speed electric hoist device, are able to meet the overall needs.

Third, motor power and voltage are very key components and performance throughout the installation. In different environments, there may be motor power and voltage levels vary, this time the user needs to be selected according to their actual situation, be sure to meet the field operating environment standards, so as to make the post-work more efficient.

Fourth, the device price, any consumer, business groups in the purchase of electric hoist, I hope the price can be cheaper. However, to know the high-quality equipment, but also a certain cost investment, because the choice of raw materials, various types of parts are directly affected the price trend, remember not to blindly attached to low prices.

Now on the market there are many brands of electric hoist businesses, everyone in the purchase of their favorite electric lifting device, we must remember that their own combination of actual conditions, site conditions and budget capital costs, product performance and quality, and other aspects To conduct a comprehensive selection.


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