How to control overhead crane speed

- Jan 20, 2018 -

There are three aspects that influnces the speed overhead crane.  

1, Lifting mechanism

Lifting mechanism is composed of lifting motor, reducer, drums, brakes, hooks and other components. The hoisting motor is connected with the reducer through a coupling and brake wheel, the output shaft of reducer is connected with wire rope drum, and the other end of the wire rope is equipped with a hook. When the rope drum rotates, hook lifts up and down by winding and unwinding in the drum. 

2, Horizontal running speed of electric hoist

The speed at which the operating mechanism operates at the rated motor speed of the traction motor, in m / min. Hoist running speed is generally 40 ~ 60m / min, trolley speed is generally 100 ~ 135m / min.

3, Lifting speed

Motor of lifting mechanism rises rately in m / min as a unit. General lifting speed does not exceed 30m / min, which depends on goods, goods weight and lifting requirements.

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