How to control the lifting electric elements of gantry crane?

- Jun 21, 2018 -

How to control the lifting electric machinery elements of gantry crane?

The gantry crane is mainly used for lifting large machinery and all kinds of parts and bulk materials. In the process of lifting, how should electric mechanical components be controlled as oftenly need to change the steering and speed of the motor often in the process of lifting.

The current value at uniform speed is far lower than the rated current value, but the current value in the process of adding and decelerating, especially in reverse braking, is far higher than the rated current value.

The timing of lifting motor is frequent and the timing control is complex. However, because human judgment is influenced by many objective factors and subjective factors, it is difficult to guarantee the reliability of manual operation.

The unreliability of the semi-automatic semi-automatic control mode is the main cause of many problems in the lifting process. Therefore, it is an effective method to improve the control mode and improve its reliability.

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