How to control the speed of overhead traveling crane?

- Dec 16, 2017 -

How to control the speed of overhead traveling crane?

The Working speed of Bridge Cane is based on what factors? For different work environments, the speed of use is not the same. The so-called, specific issues, specific analysis. Bridge crane indoors and outdoors work, is based on the size of the scene does not pass, different weather, different crane internal design and other factors to regulate.

Crane Speed during working is not only one kind of work speed. Because the working speed of overhead traveling crane, including lifting speed, car speed and cart speed. First of all, with the lifting capacity, medium and small lifting capacity of the crane to choose high-speed to improve productivity, lifting the crane should choose low-speed low-power to reduce drive power and improve operational stability and safety. Working speed depends on the scene in addition to the different, but also depends on the level of work and the use of requirements, high-level work, often used, requiring high productivity cranes use high-speed; low level of work, for the adjustment of the operation of institutions can choose low speed ; Only for equipment installation and maintenance of the crane should be used in addition to low-speed, but also according to need, the use of two-speed (fast, slow), speed or speed. The use of frequency control speed can work at the same speed of 1:10 with any adjustment.

In addition, there are some special functions with the crane, such as quenching for the work of the workpiece crane, there should be rapid descent device; lifting height of the crane should be appropriate to increase the lifting speed, but also heavy use Low-speed, no-load high-speed, or take measures to achieve a higher rate of decline in order to increase productivity.

Scene environment is not the same, the speed of use of the work is not the same, professional related workers must carry out different regulation. Long-distance travel, lifting height should choose high-speed. Crane running short distance, it is not appropriate to use high-speed, so as not to start without starting the brake. At the same time the service space is not the same, the crane in the design of the work of speed control methods are not the same. With the development of modern industry, cranes that do a great deal of reprinting work are increasingly adopting high-speed cranes that are used for installation and maintenance. Therefore, in the control of the bridge crane must be approached by professional construction workers, do not understand who do not just use, so as to avoid any situation.

Relationship speed conditions:

1, enhance the body

Lifting mechanism by the lifting motor, reducer, drums, brakes, hooks and other components. The hoisting motor is connected with the reducer through a coupling, a brake wheel and a reducer, the output shaft of the reducer is connected with a reel wound with a wire rope, and the other end of the wire rope is equipped with a hook. When the reel is rotated, Winding or unwinding on the bobbin rises and falls. Figure 2-2 car and lift mechanism diagram. For cranes with a capacity of 15 tons and above, two lifting mechanisms are provided, namely the main hook and the auxiliary hook.

2, running speed

The speed at which the operating mechanism operates at the rated motor speed of the traction motor, in m / min. Car running speed is generally 40 ~ 60m / min, trolley speed is generally 100 ~ 135m / min.

3, increase speed

Lifting mechanism to enhance the motor at rated speed to take the material to rise in m / min as a unit. General promotion speed does not exceed 30m / min, according to the nature of the goods, weight, enhance the requirements to decide.


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