how to distinguish the quality of slide wire

- Oct 12, 2004 -

How to distinguish the slide wire quality between good and bad?

With the development of the domestic economy, there has been an increase in the number of domestic shipping companies. However, in the production of enterprises, the use of anti-dumping materials in mining and machinery industries are increasingly being increased. Related enterprises are increasingly using mechanized equipment such as traveling cranes, overhead traveling vehicles, etc. , But these devices are inevitably need to use the trolley line, the following focuses on the introduction if you rely on to see, touch and other intuitive means to distinguish the quality of the trolley line.

First of all, slide the line of carbon brush, carbon brush is the most important parts of the trolley line, brush life is generally not long, are easy to consume items, the use of life by the use of frequency and the use of the distance, the impact of distance travel equipment maintenance cycle , So I use the trolley line equipment, we must pay strict attention to the travel distance of trolley line, which is like a locomotive, the general life expectancy and driving distance is proportional to. Then to observe the appearance of the trolley line, trolley line has many specifications, there are common type, anti-corrosion, anti-wear, high temperature and so on the trolley line, we must be based on the use of trolley line to choose their own environment Slide the line. Sliding touch the outer skin that is slip line shell quality, temperature, environment, etc., for example: the sun can not be exposed, the winter can not be too cold, long time not to pay attention to reasonable collection, to prevent weathering and so on.

The performance of a trolley line collector mainly from the wheel life, turning wheel design and whether the collector to meet the various environments. Special attention should be paid to the hillside and downhill issues, pay attention to the different driving routes, the steering wheel design and collector bites for special disposal. Contact deformation or slippery line expansion problems over a length of more than 100 meters after the expansion should be considered. The use of crane slippery line, we must pay attention to the problem of voltage drop, depending on the length of the various copper bar voltage drop is different, and then after the device crane slip line to make the appropriate adjustments to ensure the normal crane slip line, high efficiency usage of.

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