How to do with the port cranes skidding in rainy days

- Jun 29, 2016 -

How to do with the port cranes skidding in rainy days

In the process of modern industrial construction, the realization of mechanization has been popularized, and all production occasions have corresponding mechanical equipment. Port cranes are specially used for port cargo transportation, such as metallurgical cranes designed for metallurgical industry. Though well designed, in the process of application, port cranes will encounter some unexpected situations, such as raining on wheels of cranes, which will affect the work. Are there any effective ways to solve this problem?

How do port cranes skid in rainy days

Port crane is generally used outdoors, so it is easy for rain in the rain in the slipping condition, in order to avoid the difficulties in the operation of equipment or safety accidents, starting with the crane tire, can be fixed on the skid tyre anti-skid chain, this is done in order to increase the friction between the tire and the the ground, thereby reducing the risk of slipping.

On the safe side, the crane for outdoor use is best to stop in rainy days and do well in rain prevention measures. Even if it is restored to operation, it should clear up the rain and keep the crane in the best working condition, so as to ensure the safety and stability of the lifting task.


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