how to do with thunderstorm weather in summer?

- Jun 04, 2018 -

How to deal with thunderstorm weather in summer?

In China, summer is a high occurrence period of thunderstorms. How do cranes cope with dangerous and latent thunderstorms?

First, to avoid the crane to travel in the thunderstorm. For the cranes which travelling outside can find a place with a cover to get the crane in to avoid the thunderstorm in a sudden thunderstorm, 

If you can't find the right parking spot around, you should also choose an open, nearby object, such as no big tree or billboard, and a high place to stop the crane.

For safety reasons, you can take the crane entering the building and take shelter from it before the thunderstorm.

However, if there is a thunder, it is recommended that you stop behind the crane or hide in the crane, quietly waiting for the thunderstorm past.

When the crane goes outside, it is also necessary to guard against the high temperature influence oil.

Hot and hot weather is almost the most common weather in most parts of China. The driver needs to be be ware of the high temperature affecting the oil. 

In hot weather, the crane is more likely to be heated by the sun, and the engine can be easily affected by the heat in the crane.

The effects of high temperature on oil are mainly concentrated on two aspects:

The first is that the viscosity and lubrication performance of the engine oil decreases because of the high temperature. It is easy to increase the burden of the engine operation.

The second is that the oxidation and deterioration speed of the oil in the high temperature environment will speed up, which will easily cause the engine to quickly appear oil sludge, carbon accumulation and gasoline evaporation too fast and so on, and then affect the performance of the crane engine.

Therefore, when the crane travels at this time, the driver should take appropriate precautions in time to ensure that the engine oil is not affected by the high temperature and causes the crane to go out of trouble.



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