How to handle the rail joint of Cranes?

- Jun 05, 2018 -

How to handle the rail joint of cranes?

Many Cranes are equipped with corresponding steel casting tracks to facilitate the movement of the whole machine or car. Due to the length limit, these tracks often need each two connections. The location of the splint used for the rail connection is called track joint.

Apart from the splint, there are bolts, nuts, spring washers and other lifting accessories. When installing crane rails, track joints often need to be welded. Of course, the fastening of the bolt can not be forgotten.

In order to prevent a crane or a heavy truck from encountering resistance or turbulence at the rail joint, we need to deal with the rail joint of the crane. Here we mainly focus on the requirements for the treatment of welding:

One is to ensure that the welding quality of crane rail joints meets the requirements of relevant national standards.

Secondly, considering the influence of hot and cold temperature on rail (thermal expansion and contraction principle), the gap size between the end of the track after welding should be controlled in the range of 15-18mm, and the minimum should not be less than 12mm.

Thirdly, the welding of track joints must follow the sequence from bottom to top, that is, the back rail waist of the first rail, then the rail head. Therefore, the suitable welding method for track joints should be welding by layer by layer, and then repairing the surrounding parts. It should be noted that during the surfacing, the adjacent ends of the 2 rails should be preheated at the same length.

The fourth is that after the welding, it is necessary to heat the joint part of the track to eliminate the stress, and to make the corresponding grinding treatment at the welding protruding, so as to ensure the smooth and neat of the rail joint and the whole track.


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