How to identify the quality of the bridge crane?

- Jan 18, 2018 -

How to identify the quality of the bridge crane?

For the Good overhead cranes, at least need to meet the following points:

1, the bearing strength of the metal structure should be as large as possible. Crane countries have mandatory norms, manufacturers of crane structure bearing capacity basically no problem. However, we try our best to be higher than the standard to avoid using too many years to cause the deflection of the main girder. Once the main girder of the overhead traveling crane has camber, it should basically be scrapped.

2, variable frequency drive, that is, variable speed operation. For more frequent use of lifting equipment, you must use variable frequency drive. Crane in the late use basically all the faults are caused by the impact of the operation. Such as motor burned, reducer damage, the main beam car tread wear, electrical failure, etc. are caused by the start stop inertial impact. In reality, many users think that variable speed cranes are not necessary. Today, it is said that if it is not used for hoisting valves in hydropower stations or for maintenance of other equipment, that is, once in a few months, it is not necessarily wrong to say that speed changes are not necessary. With variable speed crane inverter technology matures, the inverter can be basically efficient and stable drive lifting machinery, including ZDY motor, YZR motor, almost all motors. Visible variable speed crane, not spend more but reduce the use of lifting equipment, for example, professional variable speed cranes can be 3-5 years without maintenance, we all know that this is impossible to do with traditional cranes.

3, the choice of reliable performance protection device, the bridge crane protection device is particularly important for lifting machinery. This point we have repeatedly emphasized, for example, overload limiter, the limiter failure if the operation of the error will have the entire crane hit the catastrophic consequences. Many people think this kind of thing is unlikely, wrong! Tell you a secret, the traditional cranes over load limiter 89 are non-existent.

Thus, many people think that as long as the bridge crane qualified test can be. Obviously this is a lack of deep thinking, why many large companies have very high demands on overhead traveling cranes? That is because the accumulated experience gained by people in the long-term use of lifting equipment through events of all sizes is a lesson learned from the accident. Today, the cost of saving this investment will be paid more tomorrow.


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