How to maintain the mini crane hydraulic system

- Apr 28, 2018 -

Most of the small cranes are driven by hydraulic power, and the hydraulic system is the key component of the mini crane. The quality of the hydraulic system directly affects the performance and service life of the small crawler crane.

We must pay attention to the maintenance in the process of use, which can reduce the wear of the hydraulic system of the small crane, prolong the service life of the spider crane, and ensure the safety of the mini spider crane.

How to do the maintenance of the hydraulic system:

Before operation, the oil tank level window should be determined if the hydraulic oil is added to the regulations and below the prescribed line, so it must be supplemented. When refueling, it must be injected through the oil filter screen, and very careful not to be mixed into different brands of oil or water and other impure characteristics.

The filter element of the oil filter should be inspected after working 250h and cleaned or replaced if necessary.

All valves of the hydraulic system have been fully tested before they leave the factory, and the pressure and flow rate have been adjusted.

All kinds of devices, especially hydraulic devices, must not be dirt attached. After homework, we must clean up the dirt and oil.

Hydraulic oil tank should remove water and impurities once every half month from the bottom oil outlet, and replace all hydraulic oil every other year (or 2000h). (if the oil is not deteriorated, the oil change period can be extended properly). When the small crane operates in a particularly bad environment, the replacement period of the oil should be shortened correspondingly.

After long term work, hydraulic oil will produce some condensate and sediment. It should be discharged once a month. Condensate discharge should be carried out after a small crane stops working for one night. Unscrew the oil drain plug at the bottom of the tank so that the dirty oil will flow out until the clean oil is seen. Then install the drain plug and add fresh hydraulic oil.

No matter how long the working hours are, the hydraulic oil should be renewed at least once a year, so as to prevent the oil from deteriorating and polluting the hydraulic system. Before change the oil, the engine should start running first, and the hydraulic oil will be warmed up for discharge.

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