How to prevent oil leaking from the bridge erecting machine

- Jan 11, 2018 -

How to prevent oil leaking from the bridge erecting machine

We all know that in the use of bridge erecting machine, some small problems are unavoidable, and the problem of oil leakage is very common. But a heavy oil reducer will not only lose a lot of lubricating oil, but also have a bad effect on the bridge itself and the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, and at the same time, it will also affect the progress of the work. How to deal with the oil leakage of the reducer is briefly summarized.

The oil leakage of the reducer is mainly due to the following reasons:

First, due to the unreasonable design, if there is no design of air holes or air hole is too small, so that the internal pressure and external pressure reducer can not balance, leading to oil leakage; the speed reducer trolley running mechanism of oil tank is composed of upper and lower case, because of long time operation, the sealing surface two connection box Yan Yi oil.

Two, the manufacturing design can not meet the requirements, the accuracy of the joint surface of the box is not enough, resulting in tight seal and oil seepage.

Three, the use of improper maintenance caused many blocked, causing the internal pressure is too high, too much oil, the oil level is too high; loose bolts, the combination of the two body surface is not tight.

In order to prevent the reducer, speed reducer design should be improved, in the observation hole cover and gas cover is additionally arranged on the ventilation device, to ensure the smooth flow of internal and external pressure balance box; improve two box junction surface and with surface machining precision, prevent box deformation; in addition to do maintenance work, constantly check and clear the air vent speed reducer. Proper amount of oil, the maintenance overhaul box section, serious deformation change; cleaning oil return tank, fastening bolt.

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