How to prevent power break and spark when used?

- Jan 18, 2018 -

How to prevent power break and spark when used?

With the rapid development of modern technology and technology, people have higher requirements for the configuration of the crane power supply. The safety of crane sliding contact line also slowly replacing the older bare iron and copper sliding contact line. The safety slide line is a newly developed and movable power supply device. It is outstanding in safety, insulation, temperature resistance and energy saving, and has been widely used by people.

The overhead cross frame is fixed over the top of the inter span in the workshop, the warehouse and the open yard. As a crane, as well as a crane to do some special process operation. It has simple structure and easy operation, and can be suspended in any position in the space range allowed by the lifting mechanism limit height and the large and small car track. Moreover, the maintenance is convenient, the weight is large, and does not occupy the area of the ground operation. It not only reduces the manual labor of the workers, but also improves the production efficiency, so it is widely used in industrial production.

In order to ensure the safety of the contact line in the use of no more power or sparks, the following four options for reference;

1, increase the wear-resistant and good lubrication of the electric brush chamfering.

2, add the spring to enhance the electric brush between the collector, and ensure the spring elasticity is good.

3. The spring seat in the collector needs to be fixed to ensure that the spring of the brush will not be disordered in the use.

4, in order to ensure that the collector is smooth, two connecting blocks with the interface of the contact wire have a chamfering angle.

In order to ensure the normal use of the safe sliding contact line, the operator's standard operation, the regular maintenance of the maintenance personnel, and the periodic inspection are also essential.


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