How to reduce the maintenance cost of single beam crane

- Nov 23, 2004 -

How to reduce the maintenance cost of single beam crane

Single beam crane is a common and special kind of equipment used in factories. The cost of maintenance in the process of use is a big cost that is difficult to avoid. So how do we reduce the cost of maintenance?

How to reduce the maintenance cost of single beam driving

1, in the purchase as much as possible to select a higher configuration (such as variable frequency crane), of course, the price of the variable frequency crane will be a little higher. But high performance does save you a lot of trouble. Its advantages will not be explained in detail here, to understand the clickable: variable frequency crane.

2, if you are using a traditional crane now, it is particularly important to do a good job of daily maintenance. The daily maintenance should be responsible for the person in charge. It can make daily inspection, weekly inspection and monthly check, and carry out a comprehensive maintenance every three months. Change the damaged parts in time. The purpose of maintenance is to replace the maintenance and prolong the service life. Generally speaking, the less the fault, the less the maintenance, the longer the number of years to be used. The lower the cost of maintaining the maintenance of the customer in this respect, thus forming a virtuous cycle.

3, the personnel responsible for operating single beam crane is also more important. An experienced crane driver operates much less than the novice, and the old driver has a high awareness of safety.


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