How to reduce the noise pollution of the double beam crane

- Jan 11, 2018 -

How to reduce the noise pollution of the double beam crane

Noise pollution, especially in the urban environment, is becoming more and more plagued by people's lives. There is clear evidence that when noise causes sleep disorders, it may lead to emotional problems, such as anger, anxiety and depression. Too much noise interference for children may lead to problems such as learning difficulties, hyperactivity and attention deficit. Some researchers have even found that noise can cause heart disease.

Double beam crane is an important equipment in manufacturing equipment industry. Most enterprises are inseparable from it. At the same time, the noise generated during the operation also brings occupational health problems to workers in the workplace. Crane operators will experience noise most of the time every day. Besides, the assisting workers around the crane and the service technicians in and out of the engine room will also be affected. So how can you minimize the noise of a crane?

How to reduce the noise pollution of the double beam crane

Let's take a look at the noise sources of double beam cranes. For noise emissions, crane's sources include electric drive system, motor, mechanical device and gear. Power components also make noise. Also, the heavy steel structure of the equipment is easy to produce larger sound. In view of the causes of the noise above, we can analyze the structure and structure of the crane, and add materials in the area where the noise is easily radiated. Some simple steel plate structures such as cranes, walkways and so on should be strictly controlled according to process requirements, so as to avoid radiation noise as large parts. The reinforcement can be used to suppress the vibration, and the key position of the crane can be built in the sound insulation board. Special joints can also be used to prevent the transmission of structural noise from one part to another. The main approach, however, is to minimize noise from the source, that is, to choose a quieter component. If the high quality Three - one motor drive is used, the drive components are reduced; the crane adopts frequency conversion system to minimize the impact of lifting and running.

Of course, one fact is not to change, that is, the noise of a double beam crane will not disappear by itself. Only through our efforts to reduce the noise value to the harmless to the human body, make people's working environment more and more comfortable.QQ图片20171107095308.jpg

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