How to solve the sinking of the gantry crane foundation?

- Jun 15, 2018 -

How to solve the sinking of the gantry crane foundation?

Gantry crane is a kind of lifting equipment which is widely used in ports, wharfs and other places. Cause of the high frequency of use, the phenomenon of the sinking of the gantry crane foundation will appear after a period of time. The Matter And how to solve?

First of all, we need to determine whether partial subsidence or overall subsidence.

Local words are better handled, increase the area of the base of the bottom of the rail, dig trenches on both sides of the original foundation, drill holes on the load-bearing beams, insert steel bars and apply fastening glue. The reinforcement cage is supported on the outside side, and the supporting template is used for pouring concrete.

The place where the ground is obviously sinking is the load center of the gantry crane, the subgrade soil layer is distributed symmetrically, and as the time prolongs, the load increases, the compressed ground surface becomes more and more obvious, the dense soil is like a protruding basin. After strengthening the foundation in time, we will find that the compression deformation of the foundations on both sides of the gantry crane is enhanced, the load of the foundation becomes stronger and the compression range of the foundation gradually becomes smaller.

There are two possibilities for the overall sinking: first, too much heavy weight or overweight overload in the near future, increase the bottom load; two is the base time used too long, more than the design allowed years, this situation is more complex. One side can consider whether the heavy lifting is concentrated on one side in the near future. Both sides can only be the original concrete foundation design information problems, there is no calculation of accurate and detailed load bearing capacity.


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