How to solve the sudden failure of the crane?

- Jun 02, 2018 -

How to solve the sudden failure of the crane?

1. operation error.

The controller did not stop to zero correctly when parking. At that time, the brake electromagnet was not cut off, and the crane did not stop. However, the driver mistakenly believes that he has been "Parking", so the phenomenon of rapid drop in load at this time is considered to be a failure of the brakes.

The incorrect method of controlling the controller's handle is the root cause of this situation. The driver who lacks practical experience is not easy to find the cause of this situation quickly. The reason for the "false failure" of the brakes has been eliminated after the operation of the car or anti car operation.

2. Fault of contactor

When the drop contactor of the PQR6402 control panel with two stage back brake can not be closed, it will fall freely when the brake contactor is closed (brake loosening) and the electric motor is not connected when it is converted from the back brake stage to the regenerated downgrade.

Stop at once in this case. The free fall of this hook is usually called the "false failure" of the brake. But it happens when the controller is located at the location of the regenerative drop. After the controller is pulled back to zero, the failure situation does not exist.

3. brake failure

After a sudden failure of the brake, a point or reverse operation should be carried out immediately. After the operation of the car and the counter, if the failure continues to exist, we should take the effective and effective emergency measures according to the situation at that time, and send out the warning signal.

If the work is close to the ground and there is no danger of falling down, the brake should be pulled to the last stop of the descent, and the required object should be put down by the normal operation. It is not allowed to fall free.

If the object is directly down in the original position will cause an accident, it is necessary to open the counter and turn the controller handle to the last gear in the upward direction. (special attention should be paid to it. At this time, the control handle can not be transferred to the last gear, because the over current relay moves too quickly).

When the controller handle is turned to the ascending direction, the large or small car (or torsion bar) should be opened to the safe position according to the specific circumstances, and the object will fall down. If the above measures are taken up, if a large or small car (or torsion bar) is not allowed to move to a safe position, it will have to rise and fall again and again one or two times.

The hoisting hook can not stop motion when the hoisting mechanism is returned to zero position, which is called brake failure. The sudden failure of the brake will cause the hook to drop rapidly, leading to major equipment accidents and personal accidents.

Every driver should have a high sense of responsibility, pay attention to pre inspection and pre repair, and stop the sudden failure of brakes. When the brake suddenly fails, the driver should be calm and calm and take reasonable measures to minimize or eliminate possible accidents and losses.


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