How to use the wire rope correctly and safely

- Apr 26, 2018 -

How to use the wire rope correctly and safely?

The wire rope used for overloading should not be used any longer. Structural failure, rope core extrusion or obvious shrinkage can be scrapped.

The wire rope should be scrapped when the broken wire reaches 7-8 points within a pitch.

Small crane wire rope wear. If the diameter of the wire rope exceeds 40%, it should be disposed of. Rope breaking or wire rope core extrusion often occurs.

The wire rope is used in the process of use. Causing structural damage, when wire rope should be scrapped.

Transport or hoist a metal solution. Steel wire ropes containing acid, flammable and toxic substances are corroded by chemical media, and wire ropes should be scrapped.

It is forbidden to use a wire rope without a certificate of qualification.

The wire rope should be prevented from twisting when the wire is open.

When wire rope is replaced, a rope strapping wire rope that meets safety requirements must be used to prevent the wire rope from falling off and hurting people.

In the process of unwinding the wire rope, it is not allowed to extract at will, so as to avoid forming traps and knots.

When replacing the wire rope of the mini crawler crane, should not drag the line in unclean area, nor should it be wound around other objects to prevent scratching, grinding, rolling and excessive bending.

In the process of unwinding and rewinding of wire rope, wire rope should be avoided from contacting with mud to prevent rust of wire rope.

The winding of the strapping wire must be opposite to that of the strand.

When you cut off, you must wear protective glasses or take other effective measures to prevent steel scraps from flying out and stabbing your eyes.

The direction of the hoisting rope must be opposite to that of the wire rope.

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