Idle throttle oftenly will damage the engine of Bridge girder vehicle

- Apr 12, 2018 -

It's not good if you oftenly do idle throttle to the concrete beam loader, long time engine damage, many older drivers.

After the engine is launched, especially in winter, it should be allowed to run for a period of time so that the lubricating oil is fully lubricated before the turbocharger rotor is running at high speed. So, after you start, you must not blow the accelerator to prevent damage to the turbocharger oil seal.

The bridge girder vehicle engine after long time high-speed operation, can not immediately shut down. 

When the engine is working, some of the oil is supplied to the turbocharger rotor bearing for lubrication and cooling. When the running engine suddenly stops, the oil pressure drops rapidly to zero, the high temperature of the turbocharger turbine reaches the middle, the heat in the bearing support shell can not be taken away quickly, while the turbocharger rotor is still rotating at high speed under the action of inertia, therefore,The sudden shutdown of a beam truck under the condition of heat engine will cause the overheated oil in the turbocharger to overheat and damage the bearing and shaft. In particular, we must prevent sudden flameout after several foot throttle.

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