importance of maintenance of highway bridge erecting machine

- Mar 28, 2018 -

The importance of maintenance of highway bridge erecting machine

During our daily using the lifting equipment such as road bridge erector and so on, we can't use it and do not maintain it. This is very dangerous. It is very easy for the equipment to fail. When we use the defective equipment, the danger is likely to come slowly.

Maintenance of highway bridge erecting machine in daily life

(1) to the bridging machine structure, and the whole room clean, remove dirt;

(2) effective protection for structural parts, solid and reliable connection between each other, electrohydraulic components and corresponding functions are normal and sensitive, which can meet the daily operation requirements of bridge erector.

(3) because parts are often subjected to external forces during movement, they will change the original assembly technology conditions, so we need to check and check the clearance and schedule of devices.

What is the function of these maintenance?

In the daily production operations, moving parts on each bridging machine wear, the original connection looseness, electro-hydraulic control components on the accumulation of dust and fouling, lack of oil cannot be added in a timely manner, the metal parts corrosion and so on, which led to the three aspects of bridging machine technology performance, economic efficiency and safety performance will be reduced to a certain extent. Therefore, before the limit of the wear degree of the bridge machine parts is reached and the failure occurs, it is necessary for the bridge maintenance machine to maintain professionally in order to reduce the failure rate and improve the safety.

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