Intellectualization of Truck unloading machine

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Intellectualization of Truck unloading machine

The unloading platform is based on the characteristics of cement plant and grinding station. It has the advantages of convenient, reliable and quick unloading, saving manpower, reducing labor intensity, improving labor conditions, reducing pollution to the environment and reducing the cost of production. It is easy to realize automatic operation and management. There are many ways to achieve real intelligence in vehicle unloading. It is easy to realize automatic operation and management.

There are a lot of unloading machines, of course, the current trend is not difficult to see, the angle sensor on the intelligent equipment will be more and more, the angle angle sensor on the automobile fast unloading machine is now widely used.

The vehicle quick unloading machine is suitable for fast unloading of bulk materials in coal, grain, power, mining, metallurgy and other industries. When the heavy haul vehicle opens or returns to the specified location on the carrying plate, the driver will brake the car with the handbrake, then get off and open the door to prepare the unloading. In this process, a special person is responsible for checking whether the rear wheel of the car has reached the specified position. Here it is used to the angle sensor, and the automatically raised two block wheel blocks the wheel to prevent the vehicle from falling automatically when the vehicle is automatically leaning. After reaffirming the rear wheel of the transport vehicle to be blocked by the gear plate, the operator can show the operator first to open the dust collector protective cover, and then start the two rise and lift under the bearing plate. According to the sliding speed condition of the unloading material, the best lift angle is grasps, the maximum angle of inclination is 55 degrees. When the material is discharged, it will descend again and finally fall to the horizontal position. It will recover the flat wheel and mobile dust cover, and prepare for the next unloading.


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