Introduction of Rail Electric flat Cart

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Introduction of rail electric flat cart

Rail electric flat car is a common large flat car. The rail of the electric flat car can be divided into two kinds, one is light rail, the other is heavy rail, compared with Trackless flat car, rail electric flat car has its own characteristics.

The light rail of rail electric flat car is the rail whose weight is less than or equal to 30Kg per meter, and the light weight requirement is low. It only requires inspection of chemical composition, tensile strength, hardness, drop hammer test and so on.

Main uses: the laying of temporary transport lines and light locomotives used in forest areas, mining areas, factories and construction sites.

Heavy rail is a rail that is weighed more than 30Kg per meter. The rail of the train and the rail of the crane are all heavy rail.

Railway Rail: used to lay a railway, to withstand the pressure of the train operation, the impact load and friction. Require sufficient strength and certain toughness. The quality requirements are strict. In addition to the chemical composition, the mechanical properties, the drop hammer test and the acid leaching are required.

The crane rail is the crane track.Low height, its head width and waist thickness are large. It only requires inspection of chemical composition and tensile strength, and is used for laying track of crane, low voltage rail, electric flat car and so on.


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