Introduction of types of electric flat cars

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Introduction of types of Electric Flat Carts

A van is the general name of a small vehicle used to change the storage and space position of the goods. More common carriers are mainly electric flatbed transport equipment. 

Types of electric flat carts:

1. wheelbarrow: a handcart is a small truck that relies on manpower to transport goods horizontally on the road. The handling distance is generally less than 25m, and the bearing capacity is generally below 500kg. Its features are light, flexible, easy to operate, and small turning radius. It is a convenient and economical short distance transportation tool for transporting smaller and lighter goods.

The structure of a cart is varied and adapts to different types of goods, properties, weights, shapes and road conditions. The selection of a cart should first consider the shape and nature of the goods. When carrying a variety of goods, a general cart should be selected; a special cart should be used to carry a single variety of goods in order to improve the handling efficiency.

2. traction car: the tractor, commonly known as tow head, is used to pull the trailer, and there is no platform for carrying goods in itself, and it can not transport the goods alone. The tractor is connected to the trailer only when it is traced, and the trailer is towed to the designated place. When loading and unloading, the tractor is removed from the trailer, and then the other trailer is traced to improve the utilization of the equipment.

3. electric van: the electric carrier has a fixed loading platform, which can be transported in heavy load and can be used as traction. The electric van body is small and light, the movement is flexible, and the use is clean and sanitary. The electric van should drive on a flat surface to reduce the shock of the battery. Because there is no explosion-proof device, it is not suitable for the electric vehicle to work in a place with inflammable and explosive materials.

4. a simple forklift truck: a simple forklift truck is a light and small-sized manpower handling and handling equipment for lifting fork, for transporting pallet goods. During the operation, the fork is inserted into the pallet, the upper and the lower rocking handles are used, so that the hydraulic device improves the fork, the tray or container is off the ground, and then moves by manual or electric drive. After the goods are transported to the destination, the pedal is stamped, the fork is dropped, and the tray is lowered. The simple forklift truck has smaller turning radius, and the load capacity is generally 1500~3000kg. It requires the smoothness of the running road is good, it is mostly used for loading and unloading platform of warehouse, or there is no need for stacking in every workshop.

5. automatic guided vehicle (AGV): mainly battery track flat car, which is battery powered, equipped with automatic guidance device, which can automatically drive or pull the loading trolley according to the set line, and carry the goods to the designated location. To guide, addressing and transfer load operation by computer control, has a wide range of services, transport routes, flexible operation cost, the system is safe and reliable and unattended operation and other characteristics, widely used in the factory assembly line, transportation, warehouse, station and other places, especially suitable for the local channel noise, and radioactive pollution, harmful to human health, thrifty narrow dark and not suitable for driving vehicle occasions.

The first AGV in the world was developed by the Barrett company in 1950s. It is a traction car. In 70s, a transport car was developed. In 80s, AGV entered the transportation field of automated three-dimensional warehouse. The existing AGV includes the electric flat car, the unmanned traction car, the steel car, the container unmanned vehicle and so on.

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