Is the more pulley group more labor-saving?

- Jan 08, 2010 -

Is the more pulley group more labor-saving?

The more the pulley group, the more labor-saving, but the more the better, what will be the consequences of more than a certain amount? Let's get to know it now.

In theory, the more the pulleys in the combination, the more labor, but the need for enough rope. As a matter of fact, the more friction, the more the combination is, and the material is wasted, and the concrete analysis is made.

The pulley is a small wheel with grooves around the axis, which can rotate around the axle. It is a simple machine that can rotate around the center shaft to understand the trenches and the flexible cables that cross the disk. It can revolve around the central axis, called the pulley.

The pulley group is a simple machine assembled by a number of dynamic pulleys and fixed pulleys. It can both save force and change the direction of force. The labor force of the pulley group is determined by the number of ropes, and its mechanical efficiency is determined by the gravity of the pulled object, the gravity of the pulley and the friction, and does not save the work.

The pulley group has the function of saving power and changing the direction of force, and it is an important part of the lifting machinery. The name of the pulley group is usually represented by the number of pulleys and moving pulleys.



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