KPC type flat cart

- Oct 29, 2018 -

KPC type flat cart

The power supply mode of KPC series electric flat cars is the safe slip line power supply. Its working principle is to set up a trench on the side of the track, install a safe slip line in the trench, and cover the trench with a single side hinged on the ground.

When the electric flat car is running, the cover plate is lifted by the trench turning plate device installed on the flat car, and the cable connected with the safety slip wire relay is arranged in the turning plate device. The track flat car can be put back to the ground automatically through the rear cover plate to ensure the smooth passage of the trackless vehicle. The trench overturning sliding contact type electric track flat car is not restricted by the running distance and will not affect the running speed of the electric flat car. It is flexible, safe and reliable, and has low failure rate. It is suitable for the selection of large tonnage and long distance transportation scheme. Use.

In addition, the safety slip contact can also be installed on the ground, in the air (without affecting other modes of transport), so that installation is more convenient, and the cost is lower. It is a reasonable and economical conductive scheme of all electric flat car.

The main structure of KPC series electric flat car is frame, motor, reducer, wheel, cable, control box, sliding wire device.

Car frame:

The frame structure of the trolley is composed of four longitudinal beams, several crossbeams and the working table cover plate. The support mode adopts eight-point load-bearing form. The combination of the structure and the bearing seat of the wheelset effectively reduces the table height and improves the stress of the frame. The working table surface is provided with removable overhaul holes, and the two sides of the frame are provided with four lifting holes or hooks for hoisting and turning over. The longitudinal and cross beams of the frame are composed of I-beam and channel steel of the same size, and the working table panel is made of high quality carbon steel plate. The frame strength is designed to be 1.25 times of the rated load to ensure that the frame with certain impact load is not deformed.

Electric flatbed motor:

The motor is YZ series lifting metallurgical motor, rated voltage 380V, rated frequency 50HZ, power: 3.7 ~ 7Kw, insulation class F, protection class IP44, according to the rated tonnage of electric flat-panel car to choose the power of the motor.

Electric flat car reducer:

Adopt heavy-duty standard of hoisting and transportation industry, special for flat car with hard tooth surface, compact structure, high reliability, good versatility, easy installation and maintenance. The gears are made of carburizing, quenching and grinding, and are manufactured by professional manufacturers of gears.

Electric flatbed wheels:

The wheels are special for cranes, the wheels are made of ZG55, the hardness HB320-380, the depth is 20mm, the wheel shaft is made of 45 steel, the bearing seat is made of ZG45, and the bearings are made of centripetal roller bearings. The axial automatic micro-alignment of the bearings can eliminate and overcome the empty and full load of the flat cars. Elastic deformation under load and deviation of lateral parallelism of track ensure the balance of flat car running on track and improve service life. After the wheels are assembled, the wheels are flexibly rotated and the wheels are single flange. Taking into account the wheel pressure of electric flat cars, the wheels are used by heavy duty cranes, 4 wheels and 2 drives.

Sliding device for electric flat cars:

The frame of the series electric flat car is equipped with a sliding contact device. The device is the power-taking device of the electric flat car. The sliding contact wire is installed on the car body to take electricity and turn over the plate. When the car is running, the cover plate on the trench is turned over, and the copper block on the car body is rubbed against the sliding contact wire to take electricity. The upper ground ditch protects cables.

Vehicle control box: (if remote control is installed, the effective distance is 100 meters).

The vehicle control box is composed of a control box and a control cable. The control box has a forward, backward and emergency power cut button, and the length of the control cable is about 2.5----3m. The vehicle control box can be stored in the box side of the flat car when it is not in use.

Acousto-optic alarm:

In order to remind flat cars to run, other staff should pay attention to avoid and ensure safety. A new type of acousto-optic warning integrated alarm is installed on both ends of each flat car.

Electric flatbed car control box:

The loading control box is installed on the lower side of the electric flat car frame to play a protective role. Electrical components are selected with high technology content and good reliability. The control system is equipped with overload protection of leakage protection switch and emergency power-off control elements, and the control loop is set to 36V safe voltage. The whole set of electrical equipment has distribution protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, voltage loss protection, zero protection, emergency power off protection, safety signs and so on, which ensures the transmission performance, control performance, protection performance safety, accuracy and reliability, and safe shutdown in emergency. Therefore, the use of our products is more secure and reliable.


1) other gauge, table size and load tonnage can be customized according to user requirements.

2) wireless remote control device is optional.

3) the frequency converter can be controlled electronically.

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