launching gantry crane bridge launching girder

- Nov 26, 2017 -

 railway/highway/bridge construction truss type beam launcher bridge erection machines

Bridge launching is a professional construction machinery, which is used to transfer the road concrete precast blocks and bridge beams to the position of abutments or supporters, and then built road or highway bridge.

The launching crane composed of horizontal moving girder devices, main girders, support system, vertical moving gantry devices, horizontal moving gantry devices, hydraulic system and electrical control system.

Highway bridge is the highway bridge prestressed concrete beam tablet or beam section lifting to bridge bearing on the special construction machinery. Mainly by the beam longitudinal shift flat car assembly, girder components, support system, the longitudinal shift system, the transverse system, hydraulic system, electric control system components.

Main girder is commonly double beam truss structure. At present domestic highway bridge structure form in roughly the same, the main difference is that the longitudinal guide beam bridge form and via way. According to the longitudinal guide beam forms can be divided into single guide beam bridge and double guide beam bridge, according to the via form is divided into LunGuiShi bridge and walking machine.


Concrete Beam Launcher bridge construction machine Features

1.The first domestic creating is triangle beam, it has many advantages, such as light weight, high stiffness, low deflection, and high wind-resistance .

2.Unique steel pin connection, which is not only firm, but also easy to install.

3.Flexible steel legs, convenient to disassemble and transfer.

4.The frequency-converter can be installed according to user's requirements.

5.The span can be within 60 meters, the height of hoisting is under 20 meters, the weight of hoisting is under 200 tons per hoist.

6.It is widely used in highway and railway construction.

7.Tonnage Customize ,Industrial Customize.


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