Lifting Hooks

- May 11, 2018 -

Crane Hook is a kind of lifting tools. Hooks are often suspended on the steel rope of lifting mechanism by means of pulley blocks and so on, lifting weight from 5 tons to 150 tons.

According to the shape, hooks can be divided into single hook and double hook. The manufacturing method can also be divided into forging hook and flaky hook.

Single hook is easy to make and use. It is usually used for lifting light objects. Double hooks are used for lifting heavy objects. The general forging hook is mainly used for lifting the crane below 30T, and the double hook is used to lift the crane of 50T - 100T; the flaky single hook is used to lift the 75T - 350T, and the double hook is used to lift the crane above 100T.

Check method of hook:

1. The rotary state of the hook. Rotate by hand regularly to see if it is light and flexible.

2. Anti decoupling device. Check by hand, confirm reliable.

3. The pulley. There should be a protective cover, without abnormal sound when turning.

4, bolt, pin. Check regularly, no loose and loose.

5, dangerous surface wear. check every 6 months, not more than 10% of the original size.

6. Crack. A magnetic powder controlled injury was performed in half a year.

7. The opening of the hook. Check in time, not more than 5% of the original size

8. Thread. Unload the nut and check if there is a crack.

9, bearing and axle bush. There shall be no cracks or serious wear.


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