Load combination mode of gantry crane

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Load combination mode of gantry crane

Gantry crane is a large lifting machinery, widely used in bridge construction, storage terminals and other places. All kinds of loads of gantry cranes are not acting on gantry cranes at the same time. Different combinations can be made according to different situations.

1. Only considering the basic load

Hoisting normal quality goods, starting and braking smoothly, track or road conditions are normal wind pressure. First types of load combination calculation for parts and components fatigue t wear and heating technology.

2. Considering the basic load and the additional load

Lifting the rated lifting weight of the goods, the violent start of the brake, track or road condition is not good, under the working state of the maximum wind pressure. Climb the maximum slope.

3. consider the basic load and special load or three loads are considered.

The gantry crane is in a non working state and bears the maximum wind pressure of the non working state. The strength calculation of parts, overturning and skid safety devices subjected to wind loads is carried out by G.

There are several combinations in each combination, and the most disadvantage combination is chosen according to different types of machines and processes.


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