load types on running gantry crane

- Jun 19, 2018 -

During the operation of gantry crane, the loads on gantry crane can be divided into several kinds.

1, rated load

The rated load is also called the weight load. The load must be counted into the weight of the spreader (except the hook).

2. Self weight load

The weight of gantry crane includes the weight of mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and metal structure, except for sling rated load.

3. horizontal inertia load

When starting or braking, the rated load and the self weight load generate the horizontal inertia force, thus forming the horizontal inertial load.

4. vertical inertia load

When the lifting mechanism starts or brake, the inertia force will increase the rated load and cause the vibration, so a dynamic load is superimposed on the basic load, which must be considered when the crane is designed and calculated. In addition, when the crane truck is running, it will produce vertical impact load due to uneven track.

5. wind load

For the gantry crane, the wind load must be taken into consideration. The size of the wind load is related to the geographical location, the surrounding environment, the height of the size, the crane and the windward area of the goods.

6. the collision load of the buffer

When the terminal switch fails, the impact load of the bumper will be generated. The size of the load will determine the type of buffer adopted.


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