Lubrication method and time of explosion proof electric hoist

- May 12, 2018 -

Lubrication method and interval time of various parts of explosion proof electric hoist

1. The lubrication method of the lift reducer is to be injected from the oil injection hole. The lubricating oil should be 50# mechanical oil. The lubrication time is better every half a year.

2, running the reducer lubrication method from the injection hole, lubricating oil should be used 50# machine oil; every half a year lubrication time.

3, wire rope and drum lubrication method for smearing surface, lubricating oil using wire rope grease; once a week lubrication time.

4. Hook pulley bearing / wheel lubrication method is to squeeze in lubricating oil, the name of which is calcium based lubricating oil, and the lubrication time every half a year.

5. For lifting and running motor lubrication methods, calcium sodium base grease should be used.


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