Main development trend of quay crane for port crane

- Jun 19, 2004 -

(1) developing large and special cranes for loading and unloading ports, lifting machinery and docks to meet the needs of large-scale ships, cargo handling, bulk loading and containerization. Such as port large quayside container crane, tire Longmen crane, front lift, high productivity grab ship unloader, etc..

(2) lightening the crane deadweight of the port crane and wharf, and realizing the light lifting of the lifting crane of the port crane, including the new structure, new material, new transmission mechanism, new process and so on. For example, the high strength low-alloy steel is used in the crane metal structure. The new design theory and method, such as optimum design and reliability design, are adopted to reduce the deadweight and improve the reliability and service life of the crane.

(3) combine crane technology with electronic technology. Machine design and mechanical work of the crane system combined the advanced computer control (PLC control), optical fiber technology, hydraulic technology applied to driving heavy machinery and control system, to improve the working performance of crane. For example, the application of variable frequency speed control in the crane control system greatly improves the stability of the crane during starting and braking, and has achieved obvious results.

(4) application of ergonomics. For example, in reducing the vibration and noise of port crane direction; reasonable layout in crane cab and comfort; take measures in the crane safety technology and so on, in order to improve the performance of general crane and its safety, comfort and reliability.

(5) new handling technology research. Includes automated warehouse with automatic access system, air cushion handling technology, etc.. For example, in recent years, the development of large lifting machinery, a new process of handling.

(6) standardization, serialization and standardization. For example, a large number of general lifting machinery and main performance parameters, main bodies and parts to achieve standardization and serialization to improve productivity, reduce production costs, has a positive significance to improve product performance and maintenance.

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