Main section of Beam Launching Gantry Crane arm

- Mar 26, 2018 -

Main section of Beam Launching Gantry Crane arm

A lifting trolley running track is mounted on the upper cover plate of the machine arm, and the guide rail of the lifting trolley is arranged on the inner side of the upper cover plate, and a column walking ear beam is arranged on the lower cover plate of the front part of the two column. The front cover plate is arranged under the machine arm variable across nodes, provide a number of different column installation position, meet the needs of the construction work of 32m, 24m, 20m box girder. The bridge vertical shift, one column before and after ear beam along the arm walking machine, frame beam through the node positioning device and a machine arm fixed hinge.

Hoisting trolley

The JQ900A bridge erecting machine is equipped with two lifting trolley. It has its own independent lifting mechanism, walking mechanism and transversal mechanism. Each lifting car is equipped with two independent lifting mechanisms. The two lifting mechanisms of the rear car can balance the left and right lifting points through the balancing mechanism, so that the four lifting points of the crane during the operation of the bridge crane can be converted to three lifting points, so that the box girder can be evenly loaded and steadily rise and fall.

The lifting trolley has the function of three-dimensional motion and micro movement, which can ensure the accurate installation of the box beam. The lifting motor is driven by a traditional motor reducer gearbox, which is driven by a hydraulic motor to drive the chain on the arm, and the oil cylinder moves across the car. The lifting and walking speed is stepless and adjustable. The lifting mechanism adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation, which is stable and reliable. The variable speed variable displacement motor system is adopted in the row drive, and the speed range is large, which can further improve the operation efficiency.

Construction chart of lifting trolley

The hoisting trolley is made of a concave frame (as shown in the upper right). The walking mechanism is driven by chain drive, and the weight carrier is carried by the loader. The lifting mechanism of the lifting trolley is driven by the motor and the transmission of the Tibetan winch in the planetary gear reducer. The high speed shaft lifting mechanism and reel is provided with a braking device, high speed shaft adopts hydraulic brake as conventional braking operation, between the motor and the speed reducer are connected by the gear coupling with brake wheel; low level used hydraulic disc brakes as the emergency brake, to ensure safe and reliable operation of hanging beam.

The lifting mechanism includes hoisting winch, movable pulley block, fixed pulley block and balanced pulley, etc. the rate of pulley block is 2 * 16, and the load sensor on the balanced pulley frame is equipped with load sensor, which can reflect the lifting load in real time. Hoisting hoisting machine is the motor drive planetary gear reducer in the Tibetan type hoist, motor self - brake device.


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