maintainance of the wire rope

- Oct 18, 2016 -

How to maintain the wire rope

Daily lifting parts maintenance more critical work, today, looking for a crane net to talk about the maintenance of steel wire rope, what matters to pay attention to!

The wire rope is an important part of the overhead bridge crane, so the maintenance work of the wire rope is also more important. The following is a detailed introduction to the maintenance of wire rope, I hope to help you:

Have a great relationship between the first and the wire rope use period and use method, therefore should be required to use, do not drag, throwing, use no overload, are not allowed to make wire rope sharp bend, no sharp change of lifting speed, avoid impact load

Second, the wire rope is rust and dirt, and oil to use wire brush

Third, the wire rope is used once every 4 months, and it is best to soak the core with hot oil (about 50 degrees C) and wipe off the excess oil.

Fourth. After the wire rope is good, it should be placed in a clean and dry place, and no overlap is allowed to prevent sprain.

Fifth, at the end of the wire rope with wire or tie with a low melting point alloy welding, can also be used to avoid the iron hoop, rope loose

Sixth, when used, if the surface of steel wire is extruded, if the oil droplet is extruded, it means that the wire rope has taken considerable strength. At this time, the load should be stopped and checked, and the new wire rope should be replaced if necessary.

Safety is the foundation of all construction, in order to ensure the safety of construction, attention to detail is the focus of the operation of bridge crane.


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