Maintenance and cleaning of the hydraulic system of bridge erecting machine

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Maintenance and cleaning of the hydraulic system of bridge erecting machine

The device that provides power for the bridge erecting machine is a hydraulic system.

The maintenance of the hydraulic system should be regular and uninterrupted, and the oil filter should be checked and replaced at up to 500 hours or three months. The oil filter of the oil pump should be regularly washed to ensure that no foreign particles enter the fuel tank from the gas tank cover, the oil filter plug seat, the sealing gasket of the oil return line and the other openings of the fuel tank.

Cleaning the oil hydraulic system of bridge erecting machine according to the steps, the first cleaning agent for oil tank cleaning, and cleaning of all piping system, installed in the pipe oil filter to supply line and pressure line protection valve; attach the collector a washing plate to replace the precision valve; for pipeline size and connection to check whether the correct.

The maintenance rule of bridge erection hydraulic system is introduced here. For ordinary common hoisting equipment, the daily maintenance effect will affect the service life, so we cannot ignore it.


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