Maintenance and wear proof method of crane hooks

- May 16, 2018 -

The maintenance and wear proof method of crane hooks

The crane hook is one of the main force components, and the service life is usually about 1 years. When the wear of the dangerous fracture surface of the hook reaches the standard of the scrap, the hook can only be scrapped and the new hook is replaced. Shorter lifespan, while higher maintenance cost. In order to prolong the service life of the hook, it is necessary to master the correct crane hook maintenance and anti-wear methods.

According to the shape of the hook, hooks can be divided into two categories: single hook and double hook. Depending on the manufacturing process of hooks, hooks can be divided into sheet hooks, forging hooks and casting hooks. The most common hooks are forging single hooks, while casting hooks can not be used on cranes. Most of the hooks in the industry are made of low carbon steel and carbon alloy steel, in order to increase the toughness of the hook and reduce the occurrence of cracks.

The important content of the hook maintenance is to check the opening of the hook. A simple method is to take out a small hole on both sides of the hook body of the new hooked hook and measure the distance between the two small holes and record it. During each examination, the distance between the two holes is measured, and the initial distance between the holes is compared, so as to judge the change of the opening degree of the hook. If there is no crack in the hook, it is mainly to use visual inspection to check. If it is needed, it can be used to detect the hook more accurately by means of flaw detection and coloring. When measuring the wear amount of the dangerous section of the hook, it can be measured with calipers.

Taking truck cranes as an example, the anti wear methods of hooks are as follows:

1. Sleeve casing for each wire rope

The bushing is sleeved on the wire rope, so that when the hoisting mechanism is running, the wire rope and the hook do not show direct contact, and the wear of the hook is reduced. Bushing can be made of rubber hose, high pressure hose with steel wire mesh, etc.

2. Replace wire rope with other materials

In marine vessels, nylon hoisting is used instead of wire rope material, which can reduce wear of crane hooks. But the price is relatively high.

3. The wire rope of the lock hanger is increased to three

The number of wire ropes contacted by the wire rope and the hook is increased from 1 to 3, which can increase the contact area of the wire rope and hook, reduce the friction, and avoid the occurrence of a wire rope that is easy to cut into the hook. The specific method is to use a 4.2m wire rope, and both ends are fastened with rope, so that the number of wire rope of lock hook can be increased.


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