Maintenance method of crane's revolving support

- Mar 26, 2018 -

Maintenance method of crane's revolving support

The revolving support of crane crane is an important "joint" of the crane, so its maintenance is very important.

In the implementation of maintenance work, first of all pay attention to the danger of being dragged into the rotary gear, the risk of crushing and shearing. During inspection and maintenance, make sure that any maintenance staff is not in danger zone between main arm, vehicle and rolling disk, or dangerous area between the car and the roller pan, except crane operator (in driver's cab).

Inspection of rotary support bolt

1. Before each work or at least once a week, the crane will inspect the bolts on the revolving support.

2, when the slewing bearing works for the first time after 100 working hours, it should check whether the bolts are loose or not, and check them once in 300th working hours, then check every 500 hours.

3. The slewing support is filled with lithium base grease before installation.

4, when changing bolts, tighten the bolts and tighten them with threaded fasteners. According to the requirements of operation manual and crane energy meter, use cranes, or check the fastening bolts regularly according to the requirements, then avoid the danger of fatigue failure of bolts.

Routine inspection of rotary support

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1, check the flexibility of rotation regularly; if the noise and impact are found, it is necessary to stop checking and troubleshooting the machine immediately, and to remove the inspection if necessary.

2. Check whether there is any crack or breakage on the rotary gear ring on time, and the meshing tooth surface has no bite, gnawing cutting, tooth surface exfoliation and so on.

3, check the good condition of the seal on time, if the seal belt breakage should be replaced in time, if it is found that the shedding should be relocated in time. The rotary bearing ring of the lubricating rotary bearing is coated with rust preventive oil before leaving the factory, which is generally valid for 3~6 months. After the validity period is exceeded, the rust proof oil should be applied in time.

Lubricating raceway of rotary support

The raceway must be added to the lubricating oil according to the working environment. After 50 working hours for the first time, the raceway should be filled with grease, and then every 300 hours of work should be injected once again. The slewing support must be filled with oil before and after long time placement. If a steam jet cleaner or a fixed sprinkler is used to clean the crane, we must be careful to ensure that the water will not penetrate the rotary bearing connection, and then we must lubricate the slewing bearing connection.

The grease should be carried out under the condition of slow rolling of the slewing bearing. When the grease is overflowing from the seal, it means that the filling is completed, and the overflow grease will form a thin film to seal.


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