Maintenance methods of electric hoist indoors and outdoors

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Any machine is required to maintain, the electric hoist is no exception.

The maintenance method of electric hoist is different in different environment (indoor maintenance and outdoor maintenance).

  1. when the electric hoist is used outdoors, if no special equipment is not waterproof, it should be set up for rain proof equipment.

2. often keep the electric hoist parts dry, when the operation is finished, please leave the gourd away from the wet area, the high temperature area or the chemical area, in order to maintain its performance.

3. maintain the chain of chain hoist. Please lubricate the chain. Please lubricate the high dust factory, and regularly remove the foreign matter in the chain and the limit guide slot, so as to ensure the smooth running of the chain.

Note: the foundry chain can not be used for oil, because its dust is worn to the chain.

4. when the electric hoist is not used for a long time, we should do rust prevention treatment and clean maintenance, and run up and down for 1-3 minutes in order to maintain its performance.

5. If the chain is used in the use of the sound of kkha, a little oil can be used to eliminate the sound, and when the sound is eliminated, the oil can not be used again.

6. the oil in the gear box of the electric hoist is up to 500 hours from the beginning. Please check whether the amount of the lubricating oil is enough, check the lubricating oil regularly after third months, and then need to refuel.


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