Maintenance of L type hoist single cantilever gantry crane

- May 16, 2018 -

Gantry crane is a kind of deformation of bridge crane.

Gantry cranes include gantry cranes and half gantry cranes. They are mainly used for loading and unloading of freight yards, bulk goods and bulk cargo outside. Its metal structure is like a door frame, and two branches are installed under the main beam. It can walk directly on the track on the ground, the ends of the main beam can have a cantilever beam. Gantry crane has the characteristics of high utilization ratio, wide scope of operation, wide adaptability and versatility. It has been widely used in port cargo yard.

Maintenance of L type single cantilever gantry crane with hoist

1. Lubrication

The performance and life of various cranes depend largely on lubrication.

When lubricating, the maintenance and lubrication of mechanical and electrical products refer to their own specifications, and grease should be injected once a week. The industrial gear oil (SY1172 - 80) 200 is added to the hoist. The height of the oil surface should be checked regularly and replenished in time.

2. Wire rope

Attention should be paid to the broken wire of wire rope. In case of broken wire, broken stock or wear volume, the new rope should be replaced in time.

3.The hanger/spread/Sling must be checked regularly.

4. pulley group

It mainly checks the wear of rope grooves, whether the flange is cracked or not, and whether the pulley is stuck on the axle.

5. Wheel

Check wheel rim and tread regularly. New wheel should be replaced when wear or breakage of rim part reaches 10% thickness.

When the diameter difference between the two driving wheels on the tread is over D/600, or the serious injury on the tread, the car should be renewed.

6. brake

Each class should be checked once.

The brake should be accurate and the pin must not be jammed. The brake shoe should be properly attached to the brake wheel, and the brake shoe clearance should be equal when loosening the brake.

7. the cause of oil leakage of reducer and its preventive measures

There are three reasons for the leakage of oil in the common reducer.

1: because the manufacturer's design is unreasonable, there is no special ventilation hole in the design process or the design defects are too small, such as too small air pass, which will cause the leakage of the internal and external pressure of the reducer, and eventually lead to the leakage fault of the lubricating oil of the reducer. It may also result in leakage caused by the poor sealing surface of the reducer in the long-term use process.

2. due to the limited processing technology, the precision of the contact surface of the box is not enough, resulting in the leakage of oil due to the poor sealing performance.

3. because the operator or the maintenance personnel in the daily use of improper maintenance, resulting in a number of internal blockage and internal pressure higher than the external pressure, at the same time the amount of oil, fasteners not tighten and so will cause the two cases of tight joint surface between the oil leakage situation.

In order to effectively prevent the leakage of the reducer, the manufacturer should improve the process level and optimize the design scheme: a ventilation device can be installed on the refueling cover to ensure the balance and smooth pressure of the internal and external pressure. At the same time, in the design process, the technological precision between the two box joints should be improved, so as to prevent the occurrence of oil leakage failures due to the lax interface. At the same time, we should do well in the daily use of the maintenance work, the air hole, oil volume, box, fasteners and other regular inspection is in the normal state.


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