Maintenance period and maintenance range of truck unloading machine

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Maintenance period and maintenance range of Truck Loading and unloading machine

Maintenance cycle of unloading machine:

Unloading machine maintenance cycle is divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance of one quarter.

Maintenance range of unloading machine:

The maintenance scope of unloading includes: carrying vehicle, engine, slip car, belt conveyor and other mechanical system maintenance and electrical and hydraulic system maintenance.

Unloading machine

Daily maintenance team

Maintenance of diesel engine generator set of unloading machine

1. before check the diesel engine cooling water level, additional time; cold area shift end cooling water drain;

2. check the fuel and lubricating oil of diesel engine before class, and replenish it in time.

3. check whether the battery power is normal before class, and charge in time.

4. Check the surface of the unit before cleaning, remove dirt and oil.

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