Maintenance requirements for cab and electrical protection of bridge erecting machine equipment

- Mar 26, 2018 -

Maintenance requirements for cab and electrical protection of bridge erecting machine equipment

As a practical mechanical lifting equipment, bridge erector equipment has a positive role in promoting the development of our country's industry, and also brings a very important significance to our industrial production efficiency.

During Daily use, we should not only to install and operate correctly, to carry out necessary inspections and maintenance regularly, but also to extend the service life and ensure the operation stability and efficiency.

1. cab

First, the stability of the supporting connection of the crane cab and the firmness of the suspension are checked.

Secondly, the door lock of the driver's room and the electrical interlocking switch of the door, the insulated floor and the dry powder fire extinguisher should be complete and effective.

At the same time, a crane with some loud noise, strong radiation, toxic and dusty environment should be inspected to set up necessary protective devices to protect drivers' health.

2. electrical protection

The crane should be equipped with an emergency power switch and check whether the total power can be cut off. The power supply should be checked with all the institutions, including voltage loss protection, loss of excitation protection, short circuit protection and zero protection.

After long-term use of cranes for a period of time, we must stop immediately after we check the fault, and repair it by professional technicians, eliminate hidden dangers in time, and strictly prohibit the operation of defective machinery.

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