Matters need attention in selecting electric hoist power supply

- Jan 18, 2018 -

Matters need attention in selecting electric hoist power supply

The selection of power supply is also very important in the use of electric hoist in engineering construction. If you choose the wrong power source, you will probably burn the motor and cause serious damage to your production.

Because the electric hoist is plugged in to make the motor run, so that the internal parts can be driven to rotate, and the heavy loads on the hook can complete the corresponding lifting or lowering work. Different electric hoists have different requirements for power supply. They must be clear before use. If the voltage requirements of electric hoists are in this range, they can be used. If it is not in this range, then three-phase power is needed for a long time.

The following points for the use of Electric Power Hoist in the daily use of the choice of attention:

1, connect the related cable before connecting the isolation switch / main power supply.

2, the three-phase power supply is connected to the isolation switch and connected to the earthing end.

3, strip off the cable insulation shell, connect the contact points and fasten.

4, locking the cable retainer.


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