Matters need attention to in use of bridge girder launching gantry crane

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Matters need attention to in use of bridge erecting machine

(1) each bridge erecting machine must be marked in a marked place.

(2) in the work, there are no people or hooks on the bridge.

(3) no bridge erecting machine is allowed without operating certificate and wine.

(4) the operation must be concentrated, not allowed to talk, to smoke or to do irrelevant things.

(5) the car should be clean; no place equipment, tools, flammable, explosive and dangerous goods.

(6) overload is not allowed for bridge erecting machine.

(7) the following conditions: don't lift rickety bundle; work overload; signal unknown; cable-stayed; buried in the ground or frozen objects; people hanging objects; no safety protection measures for flammable, explosive and dangerous goods; a liquid filled wire rope does not meet safety; use requirements; lifting mechanism failure.

(8) when the bridge erecting machine runs on a line without obstacles, the hook or hoist and the bottom of the crane must be above the ground 2m. If you cross the obstacle, you must exceed the height of the obstacle 0.5m.

(9) for lifting objects less than 50% of the rated weight, two agencies are allowed to act at the same time. When the hanger is larger than 50% of the rated load, only one mechanism can move.

(10) bridge type bridge erecting machine with main and vice hooks, do not increase or decrease the main and auxiliary hook (special exception) at the same time.

(11) it is not allowed to weld or hammer on the hoisted objects and work under the object (when it is supported).

(12) must be in after the blackout, and hung signs have blackout work in switch on, check or repair work to do. If the work must be charged, there must be safety measures and special care.

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(13) it is not allowed to throw things down from the car.

(14) limit switch and interlocking protection device, should be checked regularly.

(15) it is not allowed to use the collision limit switch as a way to stop the parking.

(16) when there is a problem in the lift brake, the lifting weight is not allowed.

(17) the hoisted object is not allowed to run over a person or equipment.

(18) when a part of the bridge erecting machine is welded, the ground line should be specially set up, and the ground line is not allowed to be used by the fuselage.

(19) the hook in the lower limit position, the drum must retain a safety rope two times above.

(20) the bridge erecting machine is not allowed to collide with each other, and it is not allowed to use one bridge erecting machine to push the other bridge erecting machine to work.

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